Sunday, 17 September 2017



We have received a Wilton Dog Carrier and Cool Mat from Scruffs.
About Scruffs

"Founded in 2005, Scruffs® is now firmly established as one of Europe's leading brands of luxury pet bedding and accessories. With distribution in over 40 countries throughout Europe, The Americas and Australasia, Scruffs® has steadily expanded its reach and continues to add more markets to its portfolio each and every year.
Based in Manchester, England, Scruffs® (for dogs) and Tramps® (for cats) focus on producing premium bedding for pets. Combining a huge variety of high-end fabrics more commonly found in home furnishings with a colour palette that reflects the most current global Home Textile and Fashion trends, Scruffs® pet beds seamlessly fit into any modern home decor.
Innovation is a key platform of the Scruffs® philosophy. From self-heating fabrics to orthopaedic memory foam fills, from 100% recycled bedding made from plastic bottles to self-cooling gels, Scruffs® has a comprehensive and diverse range that ticks every box, for every dog and cat.
Since its inception, the Scruffs® brand has been built on a reputation of unmatched consistency and quality control. With their own team based at their factories in the Far East, they are proud that their returns rate in 2015 was approximately 1 in 11,000 worldwide. Each year they continue to strive for excellence in every part of their design, production, and quality control.
With over 24,000sqm of warehouse, 4000sqm of office space and 300sqm of showrooms in their European hub in Manchester, their team is perfectly positioned to bring the best of British design and fashions whilst ensuring that Scruffs® continues to do what it does best: making products that improve the lives of pets and owners worldwide."

Wilton Pet/ Dog Carrier

Description of the Scruffs Wilton Pet/ Dog Carrier: "The Scruffs® Wilton collection is produced using a quilted outer fabric, stitched in a diamond pattern. The pet carrier has been lined with a luxurious plush fur, providing warmth & comfort. The carrier is finished with a soft-feel Scruffs® logo and Scruffs® zip pulls. 
Additional features of the Wilton Pet Carrier include adjustable shoulder straps and a fold out water bowl, ideal for those longer excursions. The carrier is fitted with a removable inner base for easy cleaning and a non-slip outer base. The complete carrier is machine washable at 30 degrees. 
The Scruffs® Wilton Pet Carrier measures 38 x 20 x 24cm.
The Wilton Pet Carrier is available in 3 different colours; black, brown and blue."

We have a Scruffs Wilton Pet Carrier in colour black for Rocky.

The Wilton Carrier has a super soft plush fur inside.

The outside is of a quilted fabric in diamond pattern.

The inner base is removable.

It also includes a convenient fold out water bowl.

Rocky in his Scruffs Wilton Pet Carrier:

Review: Rocky loves carriers. I have been taking him with me wherever possible since he was a puppy which included airplane travels, so Rocky is very much used to carriers. He feels safe and secure in them and even sleeps in them when at home. He immediately jumped into the Wilton Pet Carrier when I unpacked it and I had a difficult time getting him out of it again. He seems to feel very comfortable in it as he is even laying inside it when at home now, rather than his bed.
I really like the Wilton Pet Carrier as it is of good quality and because Rocky loves it. The inside is super soft to touch so I can understand why Rocky is so comfortable in it.
I also like the convenient fold out water bowl which is attached to the carrier.
I would not really want to zip up the carrier as I think Rocky is then a bit cramped in it, but I like having the option to do so. It is also very versatile as it can be used as a carry on pet bed. Rocky loves being in it whether we are out and about or just at home.
Overall a great dog carrier.

Cool Mat

Decription of the Scruffs Cool Mat: "Many pets can suffer from the heat during hot summer months. The Scruffs® Cool Dog Mat is designed to provide relief for pets. Filled with a non-toxic gel the self-cooling mat will be typically 5-10 degrees cooler than room temperature. 
When in use, the mat will maintain its cooling properties for approximately 1hr depending upon the environment. To reset the mats cooling properties simply leave unused for 1hr, there is no need to freeze or refrigerate. 
The Scruffs® Cool Mat can be used alone, with an existing pet bed or in a pet carrier. To clean the mat simply wipe the cover with a cloth and soapy water, then rinse with clean water before use. Available in four sizes, including x-large, the Scruffs Cool Mat is great for dogs that like to sprawl.
The Scruffs Cool Mat is available in 4 different sizes; Small (50 x 40cm), Medium (77 x 62cm), Large (92 x 69cm) and X-Large (120 x 75cm)."
We have a Scruffs Cool Mat in size Small for Rocky.

Rocky on his Cooling Mat.

Review: Rocky usually loves summer and when it's warm outside. However, we had a few days in summer this year that were so hot that even he struggled. A cool mat is great for those hot days as the mat comfortable to lay on and naturally cools while not being too cold.
I think the cool mat would also be great in the car, especially for cars without air conditioning (Note; dogs should NEVER be left in the car on warm/ hot days, not even with a cool mat inside).
I especially like that this cool mat does not have to be gefrigerated or put in the freezer.

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Sunday, 3 September 2017

DOG Copenhagen

DOG Copenhagen

We have received a Comfort Walk Pro Harness and a Urban Trail Leash by DOG Copenhagen.
About DOG Copenhagen
"DOG Copenhagen are a young Danish company who is passionate about designing quality equipment for dogs.

They are based just north of the Danish capital Copenhagen and launched their first basic collection in February 2015. They are continuously working to design and develop new innovative products for the benefit of all quality-conscious dog owners.

DOG Copenhagen's mission
The mission is to design comfortable and durable products with a functional and attractive design. 
Inspired by the active life with their four-legged friends, it is quite natural for them to use the best possible materials and components suitable for demanding use in training, trekking in the forest and in particular the daily adventures in city streets and parks. 
They have a lot of exciting ideas for future products, designed for the active lifestyle with their dogs that they love and is the driving force that motivates them."
Comfort Walk Pro Harness

Description of the Comfort Walk Pro Harness: "The Comfort Walk Pro Harness from DOG Copenhagen is a strong and lightweight everyday harness made of durable stain and water resistant materials with a soft breathable padding. The harness is easy to fit and put on and comfortable for the dog to wear during any level of exercise. The easy-grab handle and two leash attachment options, one on the dog's back for everyday walks and one on the dog’s chestprovides additional control and flexibility.
Key Features

  • Comfortable everyday harness that is easy to fit and put on
  • Four points of adjustment to ensure optimal fit for each individual dog
  • Soft breathable padding on chest, back and belly panels for comfortable daily use
  • The ergonomic design is gentle on the dog’s back and neck areas
  • Easy-Grab handle on the back for quick control
  • Two leash attachment options - one on the dog's back and one on the dog’s chest
  • Efficient 3M™ reflective trim for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions
  • Aluminium hardware - nothing on the harness will rust
  • Separate ID attachment point
  • Designed in Denmark / Made in China

The Comfort Walk Pro Harness is available in 4 different colours; Black, Ocean Blue, Mocca and Wild Rose.
It is also available in 5 different sizes; XS (38-46cm), S (46-56cm), M (56-68cm), L (68-82cm) and XL (82-106cm)."
We have a DOG Copenhagen Comfort Walk Pro Harness in the colour Mocha and size XS for Rocky.

Rocky wearing his DOG Copenhagen Comfort Walk Pro Harness:

Review: I like the look and the quality of the DOG Copenhagen Comfort Walk Pro harness. It also is very sturdy. I especially like the handle at the back so that you can quickly grap your dog if need be.
The Colour suits Rocky really well and I love brown colours on him.
The only thing that I would change is to shorten the chest plate. I think for a small breed as Rocky the chest plate is a little bit too long.
Urban Trail Leash

Description of the Urban Trail Leash: "The Urban Trail™ Leash from DOG Copenhagen is a versatile dog leash with on board stuff sack to carry treats and poop bags. The leash also comes with a soft padded handle, efficient 3M™ reflective trim, and three different traffic-handles for quick and close control making this an ideal urban walk leash.

Key Features

  • 160cm (63inch) versatile dog leash with thick, soft nylon webbing
  • On board stuff sack to carry treats/poop bags and soft padded handle
  • Three different traffic-handles for quick and close control
  • Efficient 3M™ reflective trim for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions
  • Convenient accessory D-ring
  • Designed in Denmark / Made in China
The Urban Trail Leash is available in 4 different colours; Black, Ocean Blue, Mocca and Wild Rose.
It is also available in 2 different sizes; S (160cm lenght/ 2.0cm webbing width/ lightweight carabiner) and L (160cm length/ 2.5cm webbing width/ heavy duty carabiner)."
We have a DOG Copenhagen Urban Trail Leash in the colour Mocha and size S for Rocky.

Here you can see the traffic handles of the leash.

The handle is softly padded.

The attached stuff sack.

Rocky wearing his DOG Copenhagen Comfort Walk Pro Harness and Urban Trail leash:

Review: I really like the DOG Copenhagen Urban Trail Leash. The leash is very sturdy and robust but yet still light weight. I also like that the leash is so versatile as it has a main handle as well as  traffic handles. I especially love the integrated stuff sack which I personally use for dog waste bags. A brilliant leash all round.
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