Saturday, 18 February 2017

Canibit Venison Sinwes

Canibit Venison Sinews

Composition: 100% Venison Sinews

Analytical Constituents: Protein 87.5%, Fat content 3.5%, Moisture 11.2%, Crude ash 5.6%.

Review: I bought the Canibit Venison Sinews because I thought they would be great for Rocky's teeth. As Rocky is very picky about his chews I was very uncertain whether he would like them.
To my surprise he loved them. There is a tiny bit of venison meat still stuck to the sinew which immediately got Rocky attention. But even after he ate off all the meaty bits, he would still be interested and chews quite often on the actual vension sinew. I am very happy that Rocky likes the Canibit Venison Sinews and will definitely buy them again as I think they are great.

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Monday, 15 August 2016

Terra Canis Wetfood

Canis Sensitiv Game
Ingredients: Deer muscle meat (59%), Carrots, Potatoes (6%), Courgette, Parsnip, Apple (6%), Cranberries (3%), Rapeseed oil, Chive, Seaweed, Pollen, Oragnic eggshellpowder (0.3%), Andens salt.

Analytical Constituents: Protein (9.5%), Fat content (5.6%), Crude fibre (0.3%), Crude ash (0.8%), Moisture (80.1%).

Review: I am very pleased with the Terra Canis Sensitive varieties, especially because they don't contain grains. The game variety smells really good and meaty. You can tell by the smell that this wetfood is of high quality. The ingredients are accordingly great.
Rocky immediately ate the food and really likes it.
Terra Canis Sensitive Chicken

Ingredients: Chicken & Turkeyhearts (25%), Chickenstomaches (25%), Chickenliver (22%), Pumpkin, Apples, Parsnip (7%), Rapeseed oil, Dandelion (2%), Chamomile (1%), Rose hip, Seaweed (0,4%), Organic eggshellpowder (0,3%), Andens salt.

Analytical Constituents: Protein (8.3%), Fat content (5.4%), Crude fibre (0.8%), Crude ash (1.3%), Moisture (81.1%).

Review:  The Sensitive Chicken smells very good and not at all like dog food. I also really like that you can see real bits rather than just everything being mushed up (for example the pumpkin). I think this the Sensitive Chicken is great and Rocky thinks the same as he straight away emptied the bowl.
Terra Canis Sensitiv Rabbit

Ingredients: Rabbit muscle and heart meat (34%), Rabbitliver (22%), -lung (11%), Pumpkin, Carrots, Courgette (8%), Apricot (5%), Rapeseed oil, Borage (1%), Basil, Rose hip, Fennel
seeds, Ground flas seed, Seaweed (0.3%), Oragnic eggshellpowder (0.3%), Andes salt.

Analytical Constituents: Protein (9.5%), Fat content (3.8%), Crude fibre (0.4%), Crude ash (1.5%), Moisture (81.5%).

Review: The ingredients are absolutely top, like all the other Terra Canis wetfood cans. It smells very good as well.
Rocky didn't seem to like the Rabbit variety and definitely liked the other varietys a lot better.
Terra Canis Sensitiv Turkey

Ingredients: Turkey muscle meat, Turkeyhearts, Celery root, Pumpkin, Carrots, Rapeseed oil, Basil, Chamomile, Rose hip, Eggshells, Seaweed, Drinking water.

Analytical Constituents: Protein (8.8%), Fat content (5.8%), Crude fibre (1.4%), Crude ash (1.3%), Moisture (78.4%).

Review: After Rocky not liking the rabbit variety, Rocky loved the Turkey variety even better! He immediately emptied his bowl.
Regarding the ingredients, they are again great!
Terra Canis Sensitiv Beef

Ingredients: Beef muscle meat, Beefhearts, Beefthroat, Courgette, Parsnip, Red beets, Pumpkin, Wheat germ oil, Oregano, Parsley, Chive, Pollen, Andens salt, Eggshells, Seaweed, Drinking water.

Analytical Constituents: Protein (8.8%), Fat content (6.6%), Crude fibre (1.1%), Crude ash (1.1%), Moisture (78.5%).

Review: I especially liked that the courgette and pumpkin pieces were properly visible in the beef variety.
Rocky did eat it but was definitely more excited about the other flavours.
Terra Canis Sensitiv Pollack

Ingredients: Pollack filet,Courgette , Pumpkin, Tomatos, Wheat germ oil, Dill, Oregano, Rose hip, Ground flax seed, Eggshells, Seaweed, Drinking water.

Analytical Constituents: Protein (8.9%), Fat content (0.8%), Crude fibre (0.5%), Crude ash (1.6%), Moisture (87.6%).

 Review: The ingredients of the pollack variety is, like all the other sensitive wetfood cans, very good. However, the can content was very watery and in addition there were partially quite big fish bone peaces in the food, which I found very negative.
Rocky didn't like the pollock variety at all. He is anyways very picky when it comes to fish and fish as wet food is always a gamble with him. He only shortly sniffed on the wetfood but didn't touch it at all.
Terra Canis Turkey

Ingredients: Turkey muscle meat (20%), Turkeyhearts (20%), -stomaches (10%) & -liver (10%),Carrots , Potatoes (9%), Pear (7%), Broccoli (5%), Millet, Whey, Rapeseed pollen, Seaweed (0,4%), Organic eggshellpoweder.

Analytical Constituents: Protein (10.8%), Fat content (6.8%), Crude fibre (0.9%), Crude ash (1.4%), Moisture (70.1%).

Review: Rocky was immediately enthused and ate all of the food straight away.
I think this variety is great even though it does contain a bit of grains in form of millet. I am however not bothered by this and to be honest I would feed the Terra Canis varieties with grains without hesitation, because the grain content is minimal.
Rocky war direkt begeistert und hat den Napf sofort leer gemacht.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Maelson (Part 2)


We have received a Snuggle Kennel by Maelson.


We have previously reviewed a few Maelson Products and spoke about the first-cass Maelson Customer Service.
Even after 3 years, we are still very pleased with all of the products and they are in permanent use.
Great, high quality and handy products for dogs which are thought through and will last long.
Snuggle Kennel

The Maelson Snuggel Kennel is a foldable travel kennel for dogs.
The Snuggle Kennel is suitable for airplane travel, car transportation or simply for home.

The Snuggle Kennel is available in 2 colours; tan and anthracite.

The measurements of the Snuggle Kennel are 48cm x 28cm x 25cm and it is suitable for pets up to 7kg.

All informationen at a glance:
  • Foldable textile pet bag - extremely light and practical to carry, folds flat when not in use
  • Conforms to airline requirements for carry-on in-cabin luggage
  • Padded, adjustable and removable 3-point shoulder strap
  • Durable, tight-weave nylon mesh on all sides and top, ensures adequate ventilation also in hot climates
  • Heavy-duty zippers for ease of use and longevity
  • Built-in side panel apertures, to fit the retractable handle of any suitcase
  • Ideal for traveling by car, the seat belt strap can be secured through the built-in side panel apertures
  • Front mesh door opens wide and can be secured in an open position thanks to the built-in magnet strips
  • Inner leash attachement to secure pet's collar, prevents your pet from inadvertedly jumping out of the kennel when the door is open
  • Plush inner cushion, with waterproof inner lining, machine washable
  • Replaceable cushion available as an accessory

Rocky has the Maelson Snuggle Kennel in the colour tan:

Handle for easy carrying.

Side panel apertures to secure Kennel to the retractable  handle of suitcases or to secure the Kennel within a car via the seat belt.

Leash attachment to secure the pet in the Snuggle Kennel.

Magnet attachment to keep the door in the open position.

Detachable 3-point shoulder strap.

Assembly of the Snuggle Kennels:


The Snuggle Kennel comes in 3 separate parts which are assembled via a zipper.

And fully assembled:

Rocky in his Maelson Snuggle Kennel:

For comparison; The Maelson Soft Kennel in 52 next to the Maelson Snuggle Kennel:

Review: I really like the Maelson Snuggle Kennel. It is easy to assemble and after figuring out how to attach the first part of the zipper, it is rather quick to fully assemble.
I really like all the little extras such as the top handle, the side panel apertures and the magnet opening of the door.
The Snuggle Kennel also looks very modern. I also really like hte colour as it is modest, simple and timeless.
Most of all, I like that the Snuggle Kennel is very sturdy and naturally keeps its form. This is because I don't like when transport carriers are dented or sag.
Also, all the mesh windows are very sturdy. The Snuggle Kennel looks very high quality and this is also apparent. 
Rocky immediately felt comfortable in the Kennel.
I do however have a bit of a concern about the zipper-assembly. I am someone who easily breaks zippers and I therefore fear that the Snuggle Kennel won't last too long with me. I hope that this won't be confirmed. In regards to my concern, Maelson have assured me that the zippers have been pre-tested for stability and only sturdy, hard-wearing zippers were used. So they should last/ work for a long time.
Furthermore, I wish that the plush inner cushion would be thinner as it takes quite a bit of height/ space away within the interior.
I do like however, that the plush inner cushion is removable and washable.
Overall, I think that the Maelson Snuggle Kennel is great. It is of high quality, easy to carry, is well usable in daily life and the security of the pet was considered. 
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